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Vibes Papers with Filters 1 1/4 Hemp box (24 pieces)

Having all rolling necessities in one convenient package is always better than carrying them separately. That’s why VIBES has combined the essential rolling papers and filter tips in one handy combo pack.


VIBES Hemp rolling papers offer a classic dry herb experience. These chlorine-free, sustainably sourced natural fibres provide even and slow combustion, while remaining strong enough to maintain their shape.

One pack of VIBES 1 ¼  rolling papers comes with 50 rolling papers and a booklet of perforated paper filter tips. Each sheet can hold around ½ gram of dry herb.

These papers contain no chemical additives and the FDA-approved 100% Arabic gum provides an all-natural seal.

    • Perforated filter tips included in the package for optimal convenience

    • Filters provide good airflow, an easy draw, and facilitate rolling

    • Thin textured paper made from all-natural materials and without harsh chemicals, for a clean flavour

    • Easy to handle, maintains its shape and allows for smooth long sessions

    • Cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic and crafted in France


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